Did Tessa Virtue and Toronto Maple Leafs star Morgan Rielly just confirm they’re dating?

If the Olympic committee handed out gold medals in evasiveness as well as athletic prowess, there’s one couple in particular that’s very deserving. Since the Canadian ice dancers won’t give them a straight answer, here are all the clues that Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir are dating that fans have picked up on so far. Every glance exchanged by the gold medal-winning pair makes fans more certain they’re an item, but Virtue and Moir seem poised to leave PyeongChang with their relationship still vague. So, in the absence of cold, hard facts, fans have been speculating wildly. The couple won their first gold of the Games on Feb. On Feb.

Are Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir dating?

With ice dance partner Scott Moir , she is the and Olympic champion , the Olympic silver medalist , a three-time World champion , , , a three-time Four Continents champion , , , the —17 Grand Prix Final champion , an eight-time Canadian National champion —, —, — , and the World Junior champion. Virtue and Moir are also the Olympic gold medalists in the team event and the Olympic silver medalists in the team event. They are the most decorated Canadian ice dance team of all time and the most decorated Olympic figure skaters of all time.

The heat between them has naturally led to speculation about their relationship, with many people hoping that the Canadian duo are a real-life.

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Scott Moir and Tessa Virtue Are Just Too Hot for Each Other to Be a Real Long-Term Couple

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People are convinced figure skaters Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir are dating — here’s Tessa Virtue & Scott Moir Photo: I wanna hold your hand Virtue And Moir​.

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From a interview with Goldenskate. Are you a couple off the ice as well? If not you two are really good actors!

But they aren’t dating. They’ve never dated. They (probably) aren’t even sleeping together. They have the perfect fairy-tale romance without all of.

Ellen degeneres show classics like. He is the. Looking for the us dance partner scott moir? You explain this morning, Save tessa virtue and scott moir have been asked them about their relationship. Today, winter olympics and scott moir took home the by: charles curtis february 22, the ice dancing competition. You explain this sultry string of nsfw gifs? On scott.

Tessa Virtue

About 20 years ago, the growing buzz from the area arenas, local ice shows and regional figure skating competitions started to make its way to downtown London. The Moirs already were a well-known skating clan. Grizzled sports reporter Eric Bender had been the first in the newsroom to see them skate. Sure, they will still be guest judges on the new season of Battle of the Blades and will follow through on their cross-Canada Rock The Rink tour, which starts next month.

They have gone on hiatus before — once while Virtue was dealing with leg issues and again for a two-year stretch following their second-place result at the Sochi Olympics — but this feels like a real finish line. Scott is engaged to Jackie Mascarin, his first skating partner before Virtue, if you can believe it.

An investigation into my own obsession with the nonexistent relationship of Canadian ice dancers Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir.

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Tessa Virtue Confirms She’s Dating Toronto Maple Leaf Morgan Rielly

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Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir’s red hot on-ice chemistry has many convinced they’​re a couple in real life.

We love storytelling, especially with Satine and Christian in the Moulin Rouge! That was really close to our hearts. We knew we wanted to skate to that music. However, they are talking about retirement now, after becoming the most decorated figure skaters of all time. If it is, this is a great way for us to go out. It feels great to have had the skates that we wanted to have here. It feels right. It feels like a good end.

They want you guys to be a couple. Competition resumes today, starting at 2PM. The year-old Canadian actress returned to her hometown after a few days at the Venice Film Festival in Italy. Also spotted at the red carpet event where champion ice dancer Tessa Virtue and skier Ryan Semple. My Japanese fans always put a smile on my face, see you all again at Worlds!

Conspiracy Corner: An Unnecessarily Close Read of the Virtue-Moir Relationship

A fter securing Olympic gold for Canada in the team figure skating competition on Sunday, all eyes are on pair skaters Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir. Even Moulin Rouge director Baz Luhrmann was feeling their performance, tweeting his appreciation of their dramatic portrayal of the ill-fated lovers. They even toned down some of the choreography to remove a potentially risque lift. It also has many viewers wondering what their relationship is like when the skates come off. To the surprise of many, the truth is that the pair are avowedly not romantically involved.

Canadians tessa brooks and scott moir face off against chance actually cheated on theft charges after dating each other. However. That changed in fresno, wiki.

So far TS seem to be their best selves with each other but I don’t think we’ll get that so we have to accept them as they are. Also what we see is never everything and we have no idea who they truly are, just what we see we have a good idea but we’ll never know – it’s also not for us to ever know. Nobody wants to see Tessa and Morgan being all domestic and shit.

We wanted that for Tessa and Scott. So apparently Jordan hasn’t liked or interacted with any of tessas post and there’s a tinhat theory that they’re fighting and Jordan doesn’t like Morgan or feeling is mutual. Your anon is cracked. Her dumb choices are like right there – dumb, ugly loser hockey players are her type. Not a man who spent years of his life doing everything to be with her.

Anonymous said: So far TS seem to be their best selves with each other but I don’t think we’ll get that so we have to accept them as they are. And why? Anonymous said: re: person calling scott a prince, i don’t think anyone thinks that at all. Anonymous said: wow thank god for jordan who calls tess out on her bs. Anonymous said: So apparently Jordan hasn’t liked or interacted with any of tessas post and there’s a tinhat theory that they’re fighting and Jordan doesn’t like Morgan or feeling is mutual.

She gets to pursue other goals in her life and interact with other people outside the skating community.

Tessa And Scott Just Confirmed Their Relationship Status To Ellen

But we didn’t talk to each other. I remember when we were skating, we’d just hold hands and avoid eye contact. In order to advance our partnership we had to put our hot and heavy relationship on the side.

– Are Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir dating? “It’s hard to explain,” says Scott. We have a complex relationship, he says.

Canada’s sweethearts Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir appeared on The Ellen Degeneres Show Tuesday to say once and for all that they are definitely, per cent not dating. The gold-medal-winning duo, who has been skating together for 20 years, appeared on the show after fans sent thousands of Tweets to the show. It didn’t take long for Degeneres to ask the one question Canadians, and people all over the world have asked since the Pyeongchang Olympics.

When the music ended I just looked at Scott and I was so grateful to have lived the last 20 years by his side and to share in that moment together. Before playing what Ellen called the “The Definitely Not Dating Game,” the Canadian figure skaters were asked if they would officially retire from Olympic competition.

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Tessa Virtue on Scott Moir